capture the flag

Both teams get five minutes to hide their flags. Once the flags are hidden, the game begins. Obviously, in order to win the game, you must capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to your own territory. But if an enemy team member grabs you while you’re standing on their part of the field, they are allowed to take you straight to jail (which is a small patch of land in their territory). You can be freed from jail if one of your team members touches you,

balloon tower

Each team must build a tower using only balloons and sellotape. There is a time limit (approx. 10 minutes) and the team with the highest tower will be the winner. Each level must have at least three balloons stuck together and the tower must be able to stand up without support for a period of a minimum of 60 seconds.

scavenger hunt

A game where players or teams must acquire a certain object or lists of things within a limited time.

treasure hunt

leaky pipe

Team’s race against the clock to try and retrieve a ping pong ball placed at the bottom of a leaky pipe. To do this they are provided with a bucket of water. Teams are required to use good teamwork and problem solving skills to complete the challenge.