Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger #1

Scavenger Hunt is an engaging game played by two teams or more with a list of objects to find and clues to help the teams find the next hidden clue. When the time limit runs out, the team with the most clues is the winner!

Rule #1

Once the players find the first item, they can locate the second item with help from the next clue. Most of the clues are hidden in our indigenous forest next to the uMshwati River in the Karkloof 

Scavenger #2

Another way to play Scavenger Hunt is to create  a list of items such as in rule #2 of Scavenger Hunt. This engaging game is also played by two or more teams with a list of objects to find. Once the players found all the items before the time limit runs out,  they are the winners. When the time limit expires, the team with the most clues is the winner!

Rule #2

Something that floats, Flower, Leaf larger than a playing card, Something that smells nice, Something yellow, Any Bug, Something that starts with “B”, Wild Berry, Something round, Blade of grass over 150 mm long, Feather, Rock shaped like an animal, Piece of bark, Twig shaped like a “Y”, Two leaves that look identical, Something that doesn’t belong in Nature, Something someone left behind (e.g., busted tennis ball, dog toy, etc.