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Wilderness Olympics
L’Abri Adventure Camp

Farm Indoor Cricket is played with six players on a side inside the barn with a softball and lots of fun. Our pitch is short our bat is big and the noise levels are even bigger!

indoor cricket
Indoor Activities

Have you ever wondered: What is the meaning of my life? "Who am I?" If you have, you are not the only one. Most people think they just don't have the time to find the answer or don't know where to look.

Unless you know the answer to the "Who am I?" question; no possession, place, person, or condition will ever satisfy you for long.

who am I ?
Indoor Activities
School Camp Games soccer Touch Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket, Volleyball
Team Sport
Est. 1987
What do you do when it's too wet outside? A stormy evening might sounds like a good night for a movie, but
it's also the perfect opportunity to play a few games in the barn until the weather clears up. We've put together
a whole list of indoor activities guaranteed to release built-up energy and keep campers entertained all night! Here
are some of the activities listed below.
Dialogue is neither a debate nor any other kind of competition and there are no winners and losers. While the group as a whole
will either succeed or fail to reach the conclusion of the dialogue in the allotted time, every stage in that process is attained by
consensus. Thus every relevant question, doubt, insight, observation or objection offered by a participant is considered by
the group as a whole, until everyone is satisfied by the deliberation.
Recreational sports and traditional games such as touch rugby, volleyball, dodgeball and soccer provides the
opportunity to have fun, hang out with friends after a full day of jumping off cliffs, swinging to waterfalls and
swimming in natural pools in the wilderness. @ L’Abri we believe in work hard and play even harder!